The Four Ages

- from the theological writings of Emanuel Swedenborg
Four Successive Periods - continued

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It is otherwise with the man who suffers himself to be regenerated: night does not overtake him, for he walks in God, and hence is continually in the day; into which, also, he fully enters after death, when he is associated with angels in heaven. This is meant by these things in the Apocalypse, concerning the New Jerusalem, which is the New Church, truly Christian:

The subject there treated of is the Consummation of the Age, and the Coming of the Lord at that time:

In these passages, it treats of the consummation of the age and the Coming of the Lord. Hence it may be evident what is meant by "There shall be time no longer" (Apoc. 10:6); namely, that there would not be morning, day, or evening in the church, but night; likewise what is meant by "time, times, and half a time" (Apoc. 12:14; Dan. 12:7); as also what is meant by the "fulness of time" (Eph. 1:10; Gal. 4:4).

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