News from the Angels
A series of conversations and observations from the Spiritual World


Secrets of wisdom concerning true marital love
Three memorable relations on order, imputation and predestination, Divine power
Two memorable relations on marital love, life after death
Four memorable relations on the unity of God, speech, doctrine of faith alone
Two memorable relations on chaste love and a Temple of Wisdom
Four memorable relations on redemption, unity of God, Omnipotence, justification
Six memorable relations on the golden, silver, copper ages and marital love
Four memorable relations on falsities, departing the world, justifying faith alone, confirming what is false
Concerning the lot of those after death, who have confirmed themselves in faith alone
Four memorable relations on climates, theological matters, the dragon the beast and the false prophet and deliberations
Two memorable Relations on Marriage
Truths of Faith
Five Memorable Relations on representations, writing, the Ancient Word, the distinction between spiritual and natural, afterlife
Two Memorable Relations on Martial Love
Guards of Truth
Four Memorable Relations on the learned and reasonings
Two Memorable Relations on Olympic Gymnasiums and Husbands and Wives in Heaven

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