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Editor's Note:
The following is a collection of what are called "Memorable Relations" that are presented throughout the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg.  They are observations and conversations with those in the Spiritual World (where we will all go after our lives end in this world).  These occurrences reveal many wonders in the next life and help to bring to light many things that are still misunderstood.  Please allow yourself the pleasure of looking into the world that awaits us.

Introduction from True Christian Religion - Containing the Universal Theology of the New Heaven and New Church

- E. Swedenborg, 1771, #851


I foresee that many who read the Memorable Relations annexed to the chapters in this work will believe them to be inventions of the imagination. But I affirm in truth that they are not inventions, but were truly seen and heard; not seen and heard in any sleeping state of mind, but in a state of full wakefulness.  For it has pleased the Lord to manifest Himself to me, and to send me to teach those things which will belong to His New Church, which is meant by “the New Jerusalem” in the Apocalypse.  For this purpose He has opened the interiors of my mind or spirit, whereby I have been permitted to be in the spiritual world with angels, and at the same time in the natural world with men, and this now during twenty-seven years.

Who in the Christian world could have known anything about Heaven and Hell, had it not pleased the Lord to open the sight of some one‘s spirit, and show and teach him? That such things as are described in the Memorable Relations do appear in the heavens is made clear by the like things seen and described by John in the Apocalypse, also in the Word of the Old Testament by the prophets.

[2] In the Apocalypse are the following: John saw the Son of man in the midst of the seven candlesticks; he saw in heaven the tabernacle, the temple, the ark, and the altar; he saw a book sealed with seven seals; he saw this opened, and horses going out of it; he saw four animals round about the throne; twelve thousand chosen out of each tribe; locusts ascending from the abyss; a woman bringing forth a male child, and fleeing into the desert on account of the dragon; two beasts, one going up out of the sea and the other out of the earth; an angel flying in the midst of heaven having an eternal Gospel; a sea of glass mingled with fire; seven angels having the seven last plagues; bowls poured out by them on the earth, the sea, the rivers, the sun, the throne of the beast, the Euphrates, and the air; a woman sitting on a scarlet beast; the dragon cast into a lake of fire and brimstone; a white horse; a great supper; a new heaven and a new earth; the holy Jerusalem coming down out of heaven, the gates, walls, and foundations of which he describes; also the river of the water of life, and trees of life bearing fruit every month; with many other things, all of which were seen by John, and seen when as to his spirit he was in the spiritual world and in heaven.  Add what was seen by the apostles after the Lord’s resurrection, and later by Peter (Acts 11), and what was seen and heard by Paul; and still further what was seen by the prophets in the Old Testament, as by Ezekiel, That he saw four living creatures, which were cherubs (Ezek. 1 and 10). A new temple and a new earth, and an angel measuring them (Ezekiel 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48). He was carried away to Jerusalem and saw the abominations there, and also into Chaldea (Ezekiel 8 and 11).

[3] With Zechariah like things occurred:--

He saw a man riding among myrtle trees (Zech. 1:8-11).

      He saw four horns; and afterward a man with a measuring line in his hand (Zech. 1 and 2).

He saw a flying roll and an ephah (Zech. 5:1, 6).

He saw four chariots between two mountains, and horses (Zech. 6:1-8).

Likewise with Daniel:--

He saw four beasts coming up out of the sea (Dan. 7:1-8).

He saw the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven, whose dominion shall not pass away, and whose kingdom shall not be destroyed (Daniel 7:13, 14).

He saw the battles between the ram and the he-goat (Daniel 8:1-27).

He saw the angel Gabriel, and he talked with him (Daniel 9:21, 22).

The servant of Elisha saw chariots and horses of fire round about Elisha, and saw them when his eyes were opened (2 Kings 6:17).

From these and many other passages in the Word it is evident that those things which exist in the spiritual world have appeared to many, both before and since the Lord‘s coming. What marvel, then, that they should be seen now also, when a New Church is commencing, or when the New Jerusalem is descending from heaven?

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