Emanuel Swedenborg
January 29, 1688 - March 29, 1772


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1688 Born in Stockholm, Sweden, on January 29.
1699-1709 Attended Uppsala University.
1710-1715 First journey abroad, to England and the Continent.
1716 First publications by Swedenborg in the magazine Daedalus.
1716 Appointed Assessor in the Royal College of Mines.
1718 Ennoblement of Swedberg family with name changed to Swedenborg. Assumption by Swedenborg of seat in House of Nobles of Swedish Diet.
1720 Publication of Swedenborg's first book, a philosophic work titled Principles of Chemistry.
1729-1734 Writing and publication of his most important philosophical works in three volumes, titled Philosophical and Mineralogical Works.
1735-1744 Period of intensive study, writing, and publication on the nature of human existence, particularly as regards the concept of the soul.
1743-1744 First transcendent experiences, visions or dreams, in Holland and England.
1745 "Call" to become a revelator, London, England.
1747 Resignation from the Swedish Board of Mines to allow time for theological writing.
1747-1758 Writing and publication of the twelve-volume Arcana Coelestia, Swedenborg's first major theological work.
1759-1761 Incidents of the Stockholm fire, the Dutch ambassador's receipt, and the Queen's secret illustrating Swedenborg's clairvoyance.
1769-1771 Heresy trial at Gothenburg, Sweden, involving state church accusations against Swedenborg's theology.
1771-1772 Publication of the two-volume True Christian Religion in Amsterdam, Holland, his last major theological work.
1772 Death in London, England, at age 84, on March 29.

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