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Theological Works Begin

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He spent the two years immediately following his 'call' in further close study of the Bible. He wrote some 3,000 folio pages of unpublished commentary and prepared an extended Bible Index which he used in all of his further works on theology. He perfected his knowledge of Hebrew and Greek in order to study the Bible in the original texts, and, in effect, made a new translation of many of the books of both the Old and New Testaments.

In 1747 he began publication of his most extended theological work, Arcana Coelestia-Heavenly Secrets. This study of the books of Genesis and Exodus runs to more than 7,000 pages or about three million words. The subtitle of this multi-volume work asserted that the "heavenly secrets" it contained "are in the Sacred Scripture of the Word of the Lord disclosed" and were presented along with "wonderful things which have been seen in the World of Spirits and in the Heaven of Angels." Theological writings continued to flow from Swedenborg's pen. He wrote eight volumes explaining the book of Revelation, single volumes entitled Divine Providence, Divine Love and Wisdom, and The Four Doctrines, i.e., the Lord, the Holy Scripture, Life, and Faith. He presented an account of experiences in the other world in the highly descriptive volume titled Heaven and Its Wonders and Hell. In 1768 he published a long volume on the subject of marriage under the title The Delights of Wisdom Pertaining to Conjugial Love after which follow the Pleasures of Insanity Pertaining to Scortatory Love. Shorter works dealt with a variety of subjects."

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