The Unfailing Moral Standard

- from "Toleration" by John Bigelow

CHAPTER I - Part 3
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This rule of life was in the beginning. It was old when Moses brought down from the Mount for the Jews the two tables of stone, on which was the first formal inscription of this universal law of which we have any knowledge - the first table setting forth man's duties to God and the second his duties to his fellow man, his neighbor. These latter duties will be found specifically elaborated in Leviticus, where the Lord is reported to have said to Moses:

Jesus gave His disciples an abstract of all these directions in a more compendious form in His reply to a Pharisee of the legal profession who thought to compromise Him by asking Him,

This second great commandment is reported in a yet more compact form in Matthew vii. 12 in these words:

It is given as follows in Luke vi. 31:

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