The Unfailing Moral Standard

- from "Toleration" by John Bigelow

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It is the instinct, born within us, which lets us know how we should treat others by leaving us never in ignorance of the way we wish to be treated under like circumstances ourselves, that constitutes what is technically described as Conscience, and differentiates its lessons from those derived exclusively from the Bible or Divine Revelation. It was clearly the Golden Rule to which Paul referred when in his letter to the Romans he wrote:

Here Paul uses the word conscience as a witness of the law written in the hearts of the Gentiles; that is, of the people to whom the religion of the Bible had not been revealed; who have no law, and do by nature the things of the law. It was that conscience also that Paul found among the Athenians, and to which he refers in his famous address in the Areopagus at Athens, when he says,

Manifestly it was not superstitions that Paul proposed to set forth and commend to them, but what they worshipped in ignorance. They had the Golden Rule, but they had not, nor did any of the Gentiles have, what Paul proceeded to expound to them; any

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