The Unfailing Moral Standard

- from "Toleration" by John Bigelow

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All these things were new to the Athenians. The Golden Rule did not teach them, though teaching nothing in conflict with them. Hence Paul goes on:

So the conscience teaches everyone his duties to his neighbor, so far as they may be taught without revelation. It is this consciousness, everactive in every human heart-which informs us how we ought to conduct ourselves towards others by never letting us forget how we would like others to conduct themselves towards us-which gives such weight to these words of the prophet Malachi:

The Gentiles or heathen, of course, knew nothing of religion as revealed to the Jews. God's name was great among them and incense was offered to that name simply by their constitutional ability to know how others should be treated, through knowing how they would like to be treated themselves.

So when Jesus was teaching in the Temple and the chief priests and elders sought to embarrass him with questions, He said,

And that not in virtue of any teaching from Jesus or His disciples, but through that inner light bestowed upon all, and of which no one while in this world is wholly bereaved.

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