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This page is presented to commemorate JUNE 19th , 1770
Spiritual Independence Day

Two Hundred and forty one years ago (in 1757), a great judgement began in the spiritual world - the place where we all go after death. Centuries of man-made misconceptions and harmful church politics managed to totally repress spiritual freedom throughout the world. As those who loved to dominate other people entered the afterlife, they continued to control and deceive  as they did while on earth. Their false churches which they set up in the world of spirits appeared to new comers to be the heaven which religions on earth have taught about. The philosophy of these fallacious heavens dominated common thought so strongly that they blocked off essentially all influx from heaven into the minds of men and women on earth. These misconceptions continued until the deceptions were exposed and humanity was able to clearly see the lies.  This was done by a Divine judgement which restored equilibrium in the spiritual world, resulting in a new spiritual freedom in the minds of humanity.

Because of this, untold knowledge has been given us about the life after death, the existence of God and our place in this universe. We have been given the opportunity to learn what the spiritual world is like and to fully understand the Judeo-Christian Bible.  And what is significant, the opportunity has been provided for people of all religions to fully understand their own holy books and doctrines through the Universal Theology of the New Heaven. We can now enter into the deeper spiritual knowledges which we could not previously understand.

We are asking for nothing from you. This information does not belong to us, but to all of God's creation. We are presenting this to make you and others aware of the wealth of information available for us to learn. Suppose someone said that you could learn about life after death? Would you look into it yourself? What if you could also learn what it takes to get to heaven? Would you open the book if were given to you? We offer this material to you, with the hope that it will be of value.

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 " The Lord's church is spread over the whole globe, and thus is universal. All are in it who live a good life according to their own religious belief. " (Heaven and Hell - E. Swedenborg, 1758)

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Updated: 08/28/11