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History Preceding - JUNE 19th, 1770

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JUNE 19th is significant from the following event recorded after the completion of The True Christian Religion, "containing the Universal Theology of the New Heaven and the New Church":

"After this work was finished the Lord called together His twelve disciples who followed Him in the world; and the next day He sent them all forth throughout the whole spiritual world to preach the Gospel that THE LORD GOD JESUS CHRIST reigns, whose kingdom shall be for ages and ages, according to the prediction in (Daniel 7:13, 14), and in (Apocalypse 11:15). Also that blessed are those that come to the marriage supper of the Lamb (Apoc. 19:9).
This took place on the nineteenth day of June, 1770. This is what is meant by these words of the Lord:
He shall send His angels and they shall gather together His elect, from the end of the heavens to the end thereof (Matt. 24:31)."

This followed the Last Judgement which began in 1757 and enveloped the whole spiritual world. This is not just a Christian event, but encompassed all of humanity. But to understand this we must start at our common beginnings.

One God

All of humanity looks to the same God - each in their own particular way. This is true because there can only be one Infinite Creator. Infinity cannot be divided.

The Golden Age - our beginning

All religious cultures have stories which tell about their history; and most of them contain a creation story which tells about a time when humanity first appeared and was in harmony with their Creator. This time was often referred to as a Golden Age. These stories go on to tell how the human race then fell into an inferior culture by breaking this harmony with their Creator (through selfish corruption).

It is common to hear of ancient people talking to "their ancestors". In humanity's early beginnings, a person's link to the "after life" was more direct. People had open communications with those who passed on to the spiritual world. They were able to see and experience both worlds as they grew through their initial existence in this world of nature. But as humanity's selfishness grew, this contact to the other world eventually degenerated.

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