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Other links to information and topics relating to the Theological Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg and the Heavenly Doctrines:

The Life of Emanuel Swedenborg - from The Essential Swedenborg
Heaven and Hell - by Emanuel Swedenborg
Heavenly Secrets - by Emanuel Swedenborg
The Heavenly City - by Emanuel Swedenborg (Translated by Lee Woofenden)
The Ten Commandments - A Divine Guide for Living
What the Bible Says about ... - John Odhner
Arcana - Is there a Western religious tradition that confirms universal Divine truths?

Tim & Mo's Creation Myth

New Church HomePage - Bryn Athyn, PA.
Swedenborg Foundation - West Chester, PA.
Swedenborg HomePage - Michael David (mvdcomm)
Information Swedenborg - Etobicoke, Ontario Canada
Swedenborg - Hawaii HomePage- Leon James
TheoSys - Unique Teachings of the New Church - Dr. Reuben P. Bell
Australian Swedenborg Homepage - North Ryde, NSW 2113, Australia
Atlanta New Church - Atlanta, GA
Chicago New Church - Chicago, IL
New Church of Phoenix - Tucson, AZ
Washington Church of the New Jerusalem - Washington DC
New Church Outreach - hosted by Jan Weiss
A New Church Women's Page - Hosted by Tori Lodge

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