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Topics relating to the
Theological Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg
and the Lord's Second Coming :

Heaven and Hell -  Emanuel Swedenborg
Divine Love and Wisdom -  Emanuel Swedenborg|
Divine Providence -  Emanuel Swedenborg
True Christian Religion -  Universal Theology, Emanuel Swedenborg
Apocalypse Revealed -  Emanuel Swedenborg
The Last Judgement - selections from the book by E. Swedenborg
The Doctrine of Life -  Emanuel Swedenborg
True Marital Love -  Emanuel Swedenborg
Heavenly Secrets -  Emanuel Swedenborg
Doctrine of Charity - a Universal Religion


The Life of Emanuel Swedenborg - from The Essential Swedenborg

The Ten Commandments - A Divine Guide for Living
June 19th Commemoration Page - several authors
The Second Coming and Last Judgement - several authors
Search Engine - the books of Emanual Swedenborg

Tim & Monique's Creation Myth

Selected Commentaries

Can there really be Life After Death?- Donald K. Rogers
Who is Jesus? - Douglas M. Taylor
Providence - Robin W. Childs
Affirmative vs. Negative - Daniel W. Heinrichs
Prayer - Christopher R. J. Smith
Marriage to Eternity - Douglas M. Taylor
Sprirtual Sight - Kurt H. Asplundh
Goliath - Grant R. Schnarr
What the Bible Says about ... - John Odhner
The Unfailing Moral Standard - John Bigelow
First Day of Creation - David C. Roth
Creation of the Universe - from E. Swedenborg
Memorable Relations - from E. Swedenborg
The Four Ages - from E. Swedenborg
Your Book of Life - Eric H. Carswell
What is it like to die? - from E. Swedenborg

Sermon of the Week

Library of Sermons - listed by author

Johnny Appleseed HomePage

News from the Angels

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