What the Writings Testify
Concerning Themselves

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- by Hugo Lj. Odhner
Chapter 1
Swedenborg received the Doctrine of the New Church from the mouth of the Lord alone
Chapter 2
Swedenborg ascribed his theological Writings to the Lord
Chapter 3
Swedenborg enjoyed a complete Divine inspiration
Chapter 4
The inspiration of Swedenborg differed widely from that of the prophets
Chapter 5
The Doctrine of the New Jerusalem is the same as the Internal Sense of the Word
Chapter 6
The explanations in the Writings of the spiritual sense are not written in a sense merely natural, but are a natural sense from the spiritual - which is called the Internal Sense
Chapter 7
The theological Writings of Swedenborg contain and constitute the Doctrine of the New Jerusalem, and thus reveal the Internal Sense of the Word.
Chapter 8
The Internal Sense is the Word Itself
Chapter 9
Every Divine revelation is the Word of the Lord
Chapter 10
There have been successive Divine revelations, of which the Writings are the most excellent
Chapter 11
By reason of its revealed Doctrine, the New Church is to become the Crown of all the Churches
Chapter 12
The Revelation of the Doctrines of the New Church constitutes the Second Advent of the Lord
Chapter 13
In the Writings, the Lord in His Second Advent is present in His Divine Human as to Divine Truth and Doctrine Itself
Chapter 14
Divine authority belongs to the Lord alone
The Internal Sense and the Sense of the Letter
Swedenborg's States of Preparation
States Experienced for the Sake of Instruction
Swedenborg's Personal States
The Heavenly Doctrine in the Spiritual World

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What the Writings Testify Concerning Themselves
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